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EdSpera offers a fantastic collection of educational tours that go well beyond general sightseeing trips. Our focus is on providing culturally-immersive and transformative travel experiences that are all about experiencing new cultures, connecting with locals, learning traditional crafts, and bringing a positive transformation in life.

Punjab Immersion Programme

We are organizing an exciting cultural immersion trip to Punjab – the north Indian state where Sikhism was founded in the 15th century. The trip is the perfect opportunity for travellers, especially those with Indian heritage, to understand the rich history, culture, and traditions of Punjab. We have devised a comprehensive and multidimensional itinerary which includes field visits and excursions, workshops and interactive sessions that will allow participants to get acquainted with various facets of Punjab’s heritage, from Punjabi cuisine to Punjabi dance, architecture, history, music, handicrafts, and artwork. Following are the key highlights:

  • Relish Authentic Punjabi cuisine
  • Learn Bhangra and Giddha – the traditional dance forms of Punjab
  • Visit the world-famous Golden Temple
  • Explore Punjab’s iconic tourist attractions such as Jallianwala Bagh and Wagah Border
  • Get an authentic experience of Punjab’s rural life
  • Participate in agriculture and farming activities
  • Learn about the centuries-old art and craft heritage of Punjab

We would love to have you as our partner to offer Punjab Immersion Program to your clients and create value for everybody!

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